Lukas Aichinger

music, drums, pedagogy



Enfleurage bandfoto

© Franziska Liehl

line up
Anna Anderluh - vocals, auto harp, live loops, effects
David Gratzer - electric guitar, live loops, effects
Lukas Aichinger - percussion, gongs

With improvisational ease and spontaneous compositional intelligence, Anna Anderluh, Lukas Aichinger and David Gratzer succeed in creating a trilogue that takes up the characters of their musical worlds in order to allow something new to grow.
When listening, images inevitably arise in the dense frenzy between speed and meditative mantras, which find the freedom to unfold in long frames. Guitar, drums, autoharp, voice and loops flow into a film score that one follows with curiosity - from gentle visions to courageous destruction to new beginnings.