Lukas Aichinger

music, drums, pedagogy



znap bandfoto

© Theresa Pewal

line up
Leonhard Skorupa - reeds
Gregor Aufmesser - double Bass
Lukas Aichinger - drums

Aufmesser, Aichinger and Skorupa seek out a multifaceted trio sound, zapping through jazz history and never feeling arbitrary. They indulge in musical enthusiasm and the freedoms of artistic license. Connecting them all is the lookout for modern and unique soundscapes. Against this backdrop there is an emphasis on improvisatory moments and energetic interaction between the ensemble.

The trio feels strongly about an original approach towards both composition and improvisation. This means marking out ample space for soloist experiments as well as humour of play and exhausting the ensemle's stylistc and tonal possibilities. Despite considering the varied field of "modern jazz" their shared foundation znap's members are more than keen on creating a refreshing and stylistically abundant band sound.