Lukas Aichinger

music, drums, pedagogy


Lukas Aichinger

born in 1992 in Bad Ischl (Austria),
took his first drum lessons at his hometown music school and at “drummer’s focus” in Salzburg.
He studied jazz drumming at the Anton Bruckner University in Linz with Herbert Pirker and Jeff Boudreaux, as well as taking courses in composition from Christoph Cech, and received his bachelor’s degree with honors in 2018.
He lives and works in Vienna as a live and studio drummer with numerous projects.

"Lukas Aichinger’s qualities as a drummer are evidenced by the fact that he plays not only with his own projects but in a number of other, stylistically very diverse bands. This requires an extremely wide range of focus, especially for a drummer.

His qualities as a composer are manifested in his radical willingness to use all musical means available in the service of his music, without attempting to fit a particular mold; I find that both remarkable and correct.

The result is an unmistakable personal style – with rough edges and always intriguing.” - Christoph Cech


2014 - 2016: Numerous concerts in Austria and Germany with the avant-garde trio free idiots, Recording and release of the album Parapaddam Grzn Pss on Alessa Vanguardia Records

Since 2015: Touring with the progressive stoner rock band INTRA. Recording and release of the EP INTRA. The band’s full-length debut, The Contact, was released in March 2019 on StoneFree Records.

2017: Performed with the big band CHAUD, led by Christoph Cech and consisting of musicians from the universities in Linz, Lucerne, and Weimar. Tour in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, followed by an album recording and production.

2017: Co-founded the jazz trio znap. Recording and release of the album homo digitalis, on Listen Closely.

2017: Co-founded the band Kurdophone; debut at the Salam Orient Festival in Vienna. Recording and release (in March 2019) of the album Isomer on Lotus Records.

2018: Production of the album Orbs with the septet Aufmessers Schneide, released on Jazzwerkstatt Records. The band was featured at Jazzfest Wien in 2019.

2018: Founded his own sextet, AHL6, as part of his bachelor’s project; the band’s repertoire consists entirely of original compositions. Concerts and album recording planned for 2019.

2019: Winner of the Ö1 Jazzstipendium and the Startstipendium for music and performing arts from the Austrian Chancellor’s Office.

Further collaborations as a studio and/or live musician

Felix Kramer, Pepperl, Jazzwerkstatt Wien, Clemens Salesny, Alois Eberl, Judith Ferstl, Paul Schuberth, Tobias Ennemoser, etc.

Workshops and master classes

Wolfgang Muthspiel, Tony Malaby, Yaron Herman, Peter Herbert, David Tronzo, Noel Akchote, Agnes Heginger, Max Nagl, Andreas Schreiber, Achim Tang, Mamadou Diabate, etc.