Lukas Aichinger

music, drums, pedagogy



intra bandfoto

© Petra Panna Nagy

line up
Bianca Ortner - lead vocals, bass
Hannes Pröstler - guitar, backing vocals
Lukas Aichinger - drums

INTRA represents heavy guitar riffs, groundshaking bass, huge drums,delicate vocals, aesthetic melodies – intimate, insistent rock music. INTRA means to fully surrender to the music and finding each other in it.

The essence of INTRA’s sound consists of tricky, yet catchy oddtime riffs which are combined with driving 4/4 sections. The songs are complex, but still remain down to earth.

One of the band’s most remarkable trademarks are the strong female vocals on top of the heavy riffs and beats. Each song shows great dynamic songwriting accompanied by thoughtful and deep lyrics. Other than a variety of different guitar and bass tunings, the songs often contain parts sung in two voices. The band is always trying to find the fullest and richest sound possible as a trio.